K-9Lives (2015)

Composed for SEAMUS Miniatures 2015

It is always hard to bring in a new animal in your house when you already have one pet who has made his/her territory there. K-9Lives explores the battle between a cat and a dog trying to occupy the same territory: your home. They start out enemies but soon learn to be harmonious with each other. 


n.d.pawp (2013)


Giant Leap (2014)

Giant Leap is for 8 channels.

Giant Leap is a narrative aural journey from Earth to our only natural satellite, the Moon. Giant Leap is in three parts; Tidal, Voyage, and Landing.

The waves are crashing in as the Moon makes a full orbit. The orbiting sounds are sonifications of the Moon's phases.

Launching from Cape Canaveral to the Moon inside Apollo 13. The Earth resonates at 8 Hz, while the Moon resonates at 210.42 Hz. Experience the slow shift from the frequencies through the journey inside the rocket.

Neil Armstrong takes his miraculous small step, yet giant leap.


(Hip to Be)^2 (2012)

(Hip to Be)^2 is a minimalist composition using the bass line from Huey Lewis and the News’ hit, “Hip to be Square”. The piece incorporates the numbers 4 (sides of a square) and 6 (faces of a cube) and uses square waves and squared or cubed-like percussion. The first movement uses the bass line from the
song but is in 6/4. It incorporates square waves, wood blocks, and log drums. The second movement is transposed up 6 half-tones or a tritone. The movement is in 6/8 and consists of marimba and cajon. The last movement is in 4/4 but it utilizes all of the notes from the previous movements. It is played on vibraphone and six cowbells. This piece finally wraps up at 6:04.