K-9Lives (2015)

Composed for SEAMUS Miniatures 2015

It is always hard to bring in a new animal in your house when you already have one pet who has made his/her territory there. K-9Lives explores the battle between a cat and a dog trying to occupy the same territory: your home. They start out enemies but soon learn to be harmonious with each other.

n.d.pawp (2013)

Giant Leap (2014)

Giant Leap is for 8 channels.

Giant Leap is a narrative aural journey from Earth to our only natural satellite, the Moon. Giant Leap is in three parts; Tidal, Voyage, and Landing.

The waves are crashing in as the Moon makes a full orbit. The orbiting sounds are sonifications of the Moon's phases.

Launching from Cape Canaveral to the Moon inside Apollo 13. The Earth resonates at 8 Hz, while the Moon resonates at 210.42 Hz. Experience the slow shift from the frequencies through the journey inside the rocket.

Neil Armstrong takes his miraculous small step, yet giant leap.